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Monday, February 1, 2016

Links for Latter-day Saints Research

LDS sites and pro-LDS sites
Ministries Exposing Mormonism (As Their Mission)

Utah Lighthouse Ministry (this ministry has hundreds of good articles, but these are the only ones I've kept direct links to -- just search their site)
Mormonism Research Ministry (this site also has hundreds of articles; these are links to topics I've used before and so kept the links)

Historical issues
Main page

Mormon’s God

Mormon’s Jesus

Mormon gospel and salvation

Virgin Birth?

Official teachings?

Mormon racism

Other Ministries with Anti-Mormon Mission
Mormon Think

Beyond Mormonism

The Mormon Handbook

Mormons Investigated UK
Mormon Infographics

Mormonism for Dummies

Mormonite Musings
Answering Mormons blog

Janis Hutchinson

The Ensign and other Mormon teachings vs. The Bible

Ephesians 2 Ministry

Articles by various ministries


RLDS/Community of Christ


Jesse said...

Additional research on Mormonism:

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Glenn E. Chatfield said...
I'm familiar with all this, and have a large collection of LDS material. I have these links here for quick reference for cut and paste rather than lots of typing. You may find my "The Anti-Mormon Blog" to be useful for dealing with Mormons.

Mormonism has been my first (and primary) field of apologetics study ever since I left the Mormon church.