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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Links Exposing False Teachings

Alexander Hislop
Sola Sisters

Alpha Course
Alpha Exposed Part 1
Alpha Exposed Part 2
Alpha Exposed Part 2b
Alpha Exposed Part 3
Alpha Exposed Part 3b
Bayith Ministries



Strange Fire Cripplegate links

NAR/Dominionism/Binding and Loosing
Guarding His Flock Ministries
Worldview Times

Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare & Generational Curses
Apprising Ministries

Contemplative and Mysticism

…and the world hears them
Lighthouse Trails Research
Lectio Divina


…and the world hears them
American Indian Spirituality

Today's Post-Modern Liberals, Emergents:
1. Question and / or Deny the Inerrancy of the Scriptures
2. Question and / or Deny the Virgin Birth and by extension call the deity of Jesus into question.
3. Openly mock and repudiate the Penal Substitutionary atonement 
4. Openly challenge salvation by grace alone through faith alone by Christ's work alone.
5. Question and / or Deny Christ's Physical Return in Chronos Time to Judge the Living and the Dead
6. Question and / or Deny God's Eternal and Conscious Punishment of the Wicked (Hell)

Cultural Redemption?

Hebrew Roots Movement

Joyfully Growing in Grace
Gateway into HRM


Sola Sisters

Insider Movements

Reformation 21

The King James Only Resource Center
James D. Price Publications
Hip and Thigh blog, has many articles on this subject.
The King James Only Controversy
The Printed NT Greek Test at 500
Answers KJV Onlyists Are Afraid You Will Provide
15 myths about Bible translation
Jack Chick
The King James only Issue
Which Bible would Jesus Use
Gail Riplinger/New Age Bible Versions

James D. Price Publications
Authentic Version Publications
Hip and Thigh blog, has many articles on this subject.

Native Spirituality (American Indian)

Lighthouse Trails Research

New Age

Energy Healing

New Perspectives on Paul
Better than sacrifice

Post Modernism and Pluralism

Be Thinking
Apprising Ministries

Vision Forum

Women in Pastor/Elder Roles

CARM Tract Regarding Women Pastors
CARM E-mail to churches
CARM Women in Ministry
Apprising Ministries
The Gospel Coalition
J.A. Medders

Word of Faith

The Word on the Word of Faith

Christian Research Network
There Is No Christian Yoga
Lighthouse Trails Research

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