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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Apologetics - Specific Theological Subjects

Age of Accountability
John MacArthur

Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus

Baptism History, part 1
Baptism History, part 2
Baptism and 1 Peter 3:21
Baptismal regeneration?

Baptism of Infants

Reformers’ defense
Does Acts 2:39 support?
Capital punishment - death penalty
Did Jesus abolish?
Is it contrary to Scripture?
What does N.T. say?
It’s a biblical command
Required to be just
Civic purposes
Redemptive purposes
Why Christians don’t like it
Evidence in Genesis 1 and 2

Contemporary Christian Music ratings

Cross of Jesus
Who really carried it?

Curse of Ham?
Was Ham really cursed?

David and Jonathan
Were they lovers? (NO)

Divorce and Remarriage

Doctrinal Studies

Existence of God
Proving it

Faith vs works

Are works needed for salvation?

Genocide by God?
Conquest of Canaan
How could loving God exterminate Canaanites?
Exterminating Amalekites
Isn't the O.T. God Harsh and Evil?
Destruction of the Canaanites
Reasons for destruction of Canaanites
Does new DNA research refute the destruction of Canaanites?

Gift of Prophecy
Is prophecy a current gift?

God’s love in Acts?

Outline of Acts shows no preaching of God’s love

Gospel of Mark - problem with long ending

Head covering

Is it still required?


A kinder, gentler theology?
Never, forever, or just for a while?
How it glorifies God, part 1
How it glorifies God, part 2

Inheritance to children?

Is it mandated?

Jephthah's vow -- did he sacrifice his daughter?

Jesus fallen nature?

Did Jesus have a fallen nature?

Jesus from myths
Refuting the claim the Jesus is a myth from older myths

Judging false teaching
Harsh words against false teaching is necessary
What did Jesus mean with “judge not”?
Proper judgement and naming
Who are the real Pharisees?
It is right to name names!
Being a “fruit inspector”
Naming names is proper
5 ways Christians should judge

Law vs Gospel

Delivered from the Law

Market-Driven philosophy

Miracles of Jesus
Did He turn water to wine?

Money, riches, wealth
Is money the root of all evil?

New Testament Theology
Doctrinal studies

Non-Canonical gospels

Old Testament--Did men treat wives as property?

Paul quoting Jesus in Romans

Yes, Paul did quote Jesus

Preterism - Mt Olivet discourse
Was the Olivet discourse fulfilled in 1st century?

Replacement theology

Selling daughters — Exodus 21

Refuting claims from atheists/skeptics

Sex trade

Was there a “sex trade” with Israel?

Sin by Christians?

Can Christians still sin?

American Slavery was unbiblical
Why was slavery permitted in Bible?
Does O.T. endorse slavery?
Does God expect us to practice it?
Does the Bible condemn it?
What more could the Bible say about it?
History of slavery and the Church

Submission of wife
What submission is NOT

Ten Commandments
Not for evangelism


Does Abraham’s Tithe justify Christian tithing?
Enforced giving?

Tongues, Healing and Prophecy Notes- Part 1
Early Church teachings
Understanding the doctrine
Jehovah's Witnesses vs Irenaeus
Jehovah's Witnesses vs. Hippolytus
Divinity of Christ is not a late legend

Turning the other cheek/self defense
What did Jesus mean by turning the other cheek?
Virgin Birth
Why it is essential

Woman Caught in Adultery
Where is the story from?
Did Jesus abolish death penalty for her?

Women church leaders (see also “False Teachings)
Should women be pastors/elders?
Why have women deacons?

Does the Bible teach woman has to marry rapist?

Hip and Thigh
Winging It
Winging It #2

Christian Worldview proves better overall than atheism

What language did Jesus speak?

How much of the NT did Paul write?

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