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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Various Social Issues

Racism/American slavery
White privilege?
Legacy of slavery?
Democrats and racism
The myth of "white privilege"
Black rednecks and white liberals
Welfare destroying the black family
Democrat history with blacks and slavery
Conveniently forgotten facts
Problems of blacks is not from slavery
Democrats and their evolving racism towards blacks
Slavery did not make America rich
3/5th compromise was not pro-slavery

Other slavery in history ignored
Slave trade around the world dwarfed American slavery
Slave trade and America
Removing all history about slavers and pro-slavery people will result in renaming America.

Myth of white privilege

What about Mahatma Gandhi?

The American Civil War
Old laws requiring men to be armed
Guns aren't the problem -- Demokrats are
Protects more than guns

Australian gun control fallacy
Creation of the NRA--short version
Creation of the NRA--long version
What is an assault rifle?
Is gun ownership a right?
Basic facts about guns and gun deaths in the USA
History and meaning of 2nd Amendment
Five facts against gun control narrative
Six myths about gun control
Truth about 2nd Amendment and AR-15s
Truth about Trump and "mentally ill" gun control
Shooting down gun control memes

How the 2nd Amendment Prevents Tyranny
Some thoughts about banning "assault" weapons.
Does gun control reduce murder?
Gun ownership protects against abusive government
10 USC 146 what the militia is
Detailed examination of what the 2nd Amendment means
Natural Rights, Self-Defense, and the Right to Own Firearms

Minimum wage and "wage gaps"
Minimum wage laws cost jobs
Male to female wage inequality is a lie
Various "wage gap" claims are lies
Gender "pay gap" today
The 77-cent exaggeration 
10 Nations with minimum wage and their problems
There is no wage gap
Minimum wage is a terrible idea
Minimum wage causes millions of job losses
Minimum wage hurts young people
"Living wage" is wrongheaded
Male to female wage discrepancy is a myth
There is no wage gap #2
Racist roots of minimum wage laws
Liberals refuse facts about "wage gap"
7 facts about the "wage gap"
Harvard study - cuts entry level jobs, harms poor minorities.
Minimum wage destroys jobs
Harms low income workers
Minimum wage is act of cruelty
Applebees CEO show job loss due to minimum wage
Who does $15/hr minimum wage help?
Minimum wage laws have harmed blacks the most
Five facts about wage gap claims

Political Correctness and Thanksgiving

Girl Scouts, Planned Parenthood, and feminist agenda
Poverty and taxing the “rich”
The Kwanzaa Fraud

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