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Friday, March 13, 2015


Institute for Creation Research

Answers In Genesis

Starlight and time measurement

Distant Starlight Problem

Is God Deceiving Us (about starlight)?

Beyond Distant Starlight

How should we interpret Genesis?

Why I Believe in 24-hour days

Genesis is literal history

The God Who Is There

Intelligent Design and Irreducible Complexity

Myths about Intelligent Design

Dissent From Darwinism

The chances of Life just happening

Applying probabilities to Evolution

“Expelled Exposed” Exposed

Theistic Evolution inconsistent and incoherent

No death before sin

Parallelism in Hebrew Poetry shows error in OEC hermeneutics

Debating with an Evolutionist on Fossil Dating

What does the Hebrew word “tannin” mean?  Dragons?

Evidence for the Biblical age of the earth

Old Earth Creationism on Trial

Historical Adam vs Peter Enns

Is there a Dominion Mandate?

Ear wax vs Darwin

Critique of Hugh Ross’ Creation Story

Ken Ham vs Bill Nye debate

Answers to Ham/Nye debate

Two contradictory creation narratives?

Evaluating OEC responses to YEC - part 1

Evaluating OEC responses to YEC - part 2

Evaluating OEC responses to YEC - part 3

Evaluating OEC responses to YEC - part 4

Evaluating OEC responses to YEC - part 5

Real history in Gen 2:7 to 3:8

Is Evolution Biblically Acceptable in Genesis 1?

Human Reproduction

Fossil groups studies overturn evolution

Human vs Chimp DNA

Neanderthals: Our Worthy Ancestors

Where did the idea of "millions of years" come from?

(Gap theory also addressed)

Gap and Ruin-Reconstruction Theories

Does astronomy confirm a young universe?

On line creation books

Naturalism can't account for mind, morality, or meaning

Mark 10:6: rebutting liberal interpretation of "At the beginning of creation"

"Hobbits" were real humans

Review of Hugh Ross' "Navigating Genesis"

Tree ring dating methods

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