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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Bible vs Homosexuality

General arguments
Creation Ministries International

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

The Gospel Coalition

Bad Arguments

Problems with pro-gay theology

Responding to pro-gay theology

How Corinthians would have responded to Paul with pro-gay theology

Debunking gay Christian apologetics, part 1
Debunking gay Christian apologetics, part 2
"Gay" Christians facts

Creational link of spirituality and sexuality

Temple Prostitutes?

Does arsenokoites mean only abusive relationships?
Responding to 5 arguments about arsenokoites

Homosexuality and the Bible, ref Hatmaker claims

Mind Renewer’s series on Romans 1 and Christian errors
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Romans 1 examined
Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

Responding to Matthew Vines
Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry - 1
Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry - 2

The Shellfish Argument
Eternity Matters
Michael Brown
Polyester and Shellfish

Responding to O.T. law vs Christianity Leviticus on Homosexuality

“Paul hated homosexuals”

Response to pro-gay theology

Homosexuality IS a sin

Is Old Testament “unclear”?

Leviticus 18 examined

Procrustean marriage beds.

Should those who practice homosexuality be put to death?

Did Jesus Bless Homosexuality?

What did Jesus say about homosexuality?

Does “eunuch” really mean homosexual?

Were David and Jonathan gay lovers?
Were David and Jonathan gay lovers? - #2

Not that kind of homosexuality?
The Apostle Paul and Homosexuality - Answering Homosexual Objections
Part 1
Part 2

Are gender roles a social construct?

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