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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Apologetics for General Homosexual Issues

General Informational Help
Dr. Trayce Hansen’s site
Cut and paste information
The reason homosexuality was removed from being a disorder
Six questions every “gay” person should ask
Homosexuality CANNOT be equated with race
"Gay" Science is all fake
Evelyn Hooker's fraudulent science
Homosexual Info site
The Most Pressing Issue of Our Times
Real science contradicts the agenda

Homosexual agenda

American Thinker
Scott Lively
Americans For Truth About Homosexuality
A Queer Need for Rejection
Satan’s 10 Commandments
“Gay” myths debunked
Selling Homosexuality to America
Information on specific topics

Statistics on homosexual population
Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
Liberal Logic 101


Just doing what is natural?
Myths of homosexuality in nature
Not natural in any sense

Cause of homosexuality?

Link to past?
Childhood abuse?
NOT genetic; not born that way
Naming themselves

Heterosexuals should celebrate THEIR diversity

“Gay Christian” Facts - part 1

“Gay Christian” Facts - part 2

21 Questions About “Tolerance"

“When did you become a heterosexual,” etc

Questions for homosexualists

Responses for questions for homosexualists

Top 10 claims to excuse homosexuality

Top 20 myths about homosexuality

Gay is not the new black


Test cases for hypocrisy

Social consequences
Collateral moral decay
Public Nudity
Cultural hostages
Cultural effect of fake marriage
Unwin’s findings
Rape in the military

Homosexuality and Nazi Germany

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