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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Defense Against Same-Sex Fake Marriage

Real marriage does NOT infringe upon “gay and lesbian” liberty

There is no “right” to SSFM

No fundamental right to marry

Same-sex Fake Marriage vs "interracial" marriage - the facts


Civil Rights and same-sex fake marriage

Gay Is Not the New Black - not a civil rights issue

Constitutional defense of real marriage

American Psychiatric Association's fraud

Same-Sex Fake Marriage is INSANE

Homosexuality vs real purpose marital intimacy

Same-sex unions will never measure up to real marriage

More promiscuity with same-sex unions

A reasonable case against  SSFM

A guide to clear Christian thinking on SSFM

False claims that SSM reduces teen suicide
Another examination of the false claims

Founding Fathers’ Constitutional view of SSFM:

Part one
Part two

Purposes of Marital Intimacy vs homosexuality

Infertility can not be compared to SSFM

Purpose of marriage

Natural Law and Sexual ethics - responding to Gary Gutting

Responding to liberal arguments for SSFM

What Is Marriage?

Social Science Research Network
Stan Smith

30 truths about marriage

Marriage is connected to procreation - which SSFM cannot do

SSFM cannot compare with “inter-racial” marriage

SSFM and "Inter-racial" marriage are not the same thing

Why marriage matters, and the harm of redefining it

Why we should NOT have SSFM

Dr. Morse’s Testimony to Minnesota Senate Judiciary

Secular Case Against SSFM

SSFM is not the same as normal marriage

Should people have the right to marry who they love?

Isn’t it just a matter of equality?

The case against “equality” with SSFM — part 1
The case against “equality” with SSFM — part 2

Marriage and Equal Protection

Should Marriage be changed to promote SSFM?

Debating SSFM

Myths about SSFM

More Myths about SSFM
Top 20 myths about homosexuality and SSFM

Canards about SSFM and responses

Same-sex unions in pre-modern Europe?

How does SSFM affect me personally?

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry #2
Denny Burk
Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
Destruction of the family unit
Rapid social change of SSFM

Religious freedom is not compatible with SSFM

Red State
Matt Barber
Ben Domenech
Denny Burk
The Spectator
Lessons from Canada after 10 years
Another warning from Canada
Public Discourse

SSFM will NOT be enough for them

You will be assimilated and the goals will keep moving

The SSFM demand is NOT about marriage—it’s about benefits, i.e., welfare

SSFM is not about SSFM, it is about easing their conscience

SSFM isn't about marriage or equality

Why we need to fight against SSFM

A guide to clear thinking on SSFM

Being against SSFM is NOT bigotry!

Questions for SSFM advocates

SSFM is Sexual Revolution

Purpose of SSFM is to destroy marriage.

Micah Clark

SSFM has no comparison with REAL marriage fidelity

Same-sex couples are routinely promiscuous
Lifestyles of homosexual couples to married couples compared
Male homosexuals are not “monogamous”
More evidence of no-loyalty to mates
Nothing like real marriage - just bait and switch.
"Divorce" to have trio and surrogates for making babies

“Gays” are also against SSFM

What’s wrong with same-sex fake marriage?

Why Same Sex Marriage Is Wrong - Part 1
Why Same Sex Marriage Is Wrong - Part 2
Why Same Sex Marriage Is Wrong - Part 3

Children need real marriage

Case for heterosexuality

Consequences for society

Cultural Narcissism

State’s compelling interest in real marriage

Justice Scalia’s opinion about marriage and those who opposes SSFM

What would Greeks have thought?

Examining SCOTUS hearings

Illinois Family Institute
Public Discourse

APHA's brief and problems with it

Harm caused by SCOTUS ruling

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