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Saturday, June 13, 2015

How Homosexuality Affects Children


Sterilizing Marriage

No rights for the children

Real marriage is about children, and adult-centric

Public school indoctrination

Public Discourse
Homosexual agenda is to indoctrinate children
Same-sex “parent” Child abuse and pedophilia
Same-sex parenting IS abuse
Son of lesbians wears makeup, etc
Child molestation
Pedophile network
Results of Victimization of Children
Problems with same-sex “parenting”
Sexual Preference of Children Raised by Homosexuals
Children have twice the emotional problems with “gay” parents
Redefining marriage redefines parenthood
Twelve ways homosexual adults endanger children
Six offensive things about same-sex parenting
Social Science Research
American College of Pediatricians statements
Should homosexuals be allowed to adopt children?
Stand to Reason
Children need mom and dad
Adoption horror
Terrible for children
Children need mothers AND fathers
Lifesite News #1
Lifesite News #2
Lifesite News #3
Married mom and dad really matter
Moms and Dads both matter in marriage
Family structure matters for children
Children with heterosexual parents fare better
Lifesite News #1
Lifesite news #2
Wintery Knight
Proven by 13 nations
Public Discourse #1
Public Discourse #2

Children with heterosexual parents do better academically
Lifesite News #1
Lifesite News #2
American Thinker

Developmental problems of Children with same-sex “parents”
With lesbian parents
Who killed the American family?
SSFM hurts women and children
Testimonies by children of same-sex “parents”
Growing up with two moms
Raised by two moms
Quartet of adult children of same-sex parents
Lesbian’s daughter - Barb Wire
Lesbian’s daughter - The Blaze
Listen to the children
Synthetic children
Sperm Donor problems
Surrogacy problems
Mother as surrogate for man #1
Mother as surrogate for man #2 
Synthetic creation of children, etc
Synthetic children speak out
Children's Rights or Rights to Children?
Dark Side of Third-Party Reproduction
Several testimonies of synthetic children
When you don't get the model you want
Same-sex fake marriage is driving synthetic baby industry

Children become owned by the State

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