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Monday, July 6, 2015

Hate Crime and Hate Speech Regarding Homosexuality

Normally all people are punished pretty much equally for the same crime.  No matter who I beat or murder, the punishment is given for the beating or the murder.  Unless of course the victim is “homosexual,” at which time you can be punished more severely.  They have more protection than anyone else, and crimes against them bring more punishment because you are then punished for what you were thinking about the individual when you committed the crime.  Some people are more equal than others.

The same goes for speech.  If you speak or write about someone in a derogatory way, and mention either crimes or perverse behavior of said person, you are protected by the First Amendment in the USA, and normally other free speech laws in other countries.  BUT, if the subject of the speech is a person who practices homosexual behavior, then it becomes hate speech, for which you can suffer sever punishment in the form of fines or jail time.  Again, the “homosexual” has more rights than anyone else - they are more equal than others.

The following links are to articles about people who have suffered hate crime or hate speech charges.  But first, here is why such laws are bad for you.

Now we’ll start the links with this short commentary by Matt Slick which cites a few examples of this travesty of justice.

A family rights activist in Canada has to pay court costs and $7500 fine for flyers he passed out.

Ecuador politician was stripped of political rights, fined, and faced prison for saying homosexuals can change.

This video was removed in Canada because it was hate speech.

In Edinburgh, Scotland, a security guard denied a “transgender man” access to a woman’s restroom, stating that he was a man and was investigated for hate crime.

UK Pastor under investigation for hate speech after saying a “pride fest” was a “carnival of perverted carnality"

UK street preacher jailed for “hate speech” for saying homosexuality is sinful, although later released.

Student banned from criticizing same-sex fake marriage at college in Wisconsin

American in UK arrested and fined for speaking against homosexuality

Another street preacher on UK on trial for “hate speech”

Atlanta Fire Chief fired for writing about his beliefs in regards to homosexuality

Hate crime for burning a "gay" flag.  It's okay to burn an American flag.

Lawsuit against Swiss bishop for "inciting violence" by reading O.T. passages.

Boxing champ stripped of belt for "hate speech" 

Some other examples of “hate speech” or “hate crime” may be in the post about harmful effects of same-sex fake marriage.

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