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Friday, July 17, 2015

Transgender — A Dangerous Fraud

Transgender is a mental disorder; cannot change gender

No such thing scientifically as transgender

Sex is determined at conception

Transgender is a fake legal construct

Absurdity of Transgenderism

Scientific proof against transgenderism

Transgenderism is mass hysteria

Ten truths about "transgenderism"

Support for "transgenderism" is madness

Sex Identity?

When phony is fabulous and real is repulsive

A man can never become a woman - or vice versa

A person can't change their sex any more than they can become a dragon

Surgical sex and why to end it

History and results of sex-change

Sex changes are not effective

Surgeries make things worse

Transgender failures

"Sex reassignment" doesn't work

Bruce Jenner’s publicity will cause much hurt

Bruce Jenner is NOT a woman

High suicide rates of transgenders

Suicide is not result of discrimination

50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorders, and Too Many Suicides

Other psychological problems

Treatment, especially with drugs, is highly dangerous

HIV rates

HIV rates and prevention

Harmful lessons it teaches

The tragedies

Sex-ideological tyranny

Transgender has no basis in science or law

Gender Ideology harms children

How is "transgender" really determined, and should it be celebrated?

It should NOT be included with homosexuality, as in "LGBT"

Q & A about transgenderism

Feelings replace facts

Transgender men do NOT become women

Purpose is de-sexed society to do away with family

It's a war against reality

When the insane are normal, the normal are insane

High risks of surgery

The lie of sex change surgery success

The Problem with Gender Studies

The harm to children
More about harm to children
Medical harm to children
Definitely harms children
Important things you won't hear from the media or the LEFT

No real confusion, just harmful unscientific political correctness

No evidence of "born that way"

Media claims are all wrong

Media myths exposed

Not born that way

Inconsistencies of the agenda

ENDA vs Gender Identity

Transgender is not the new black

Bad argument and biased ideology

The debate has nothing to do with bathrooms

The regrets

Teens claim it for popularity

So-called benefits of mutilation surgery are based on junk science

Lies about and Dangers of surgery

The real goal of the movement

It is a progressive totem with a horrid agenda

There are ONLY two sexes

Biased study

Transgender ideology hurts children 
Harms the military
Ruining military preparedness
Military being used for social engineering
High costs to military in many ways
6 Myths about transgender people in the military
Transgeneders not qualified for military

The dangers of transgender Ideology in medicine.

Opposing the Transgender movement

Transgender is just big business dressed up in pretend civil rights clothes

Large numbers of teens become "transgender" to be like peers.

Exploding the transgender myth

Doctoring the truth

Just about everything that's wrong with it.

Look at what happens as it becomes promoted and accepted:
Five reasons transgender policies are harmful

Married man with two sons becomes a “woman”

Transgenders are bullies

Minors are brainwashed

Transgender sues employer for not letting him act out

Transgender wins complaint against bridal shop for not letting him try on dress

Transgender boy harasses girls in restroom

Woman complains about transgender in locker-room, loses her membership

Affects on children

Transgender student expelled at Christian school and sues

Media promoting sex-change for minors and children

The emperor’s new clothes

15-yr-old girl sues to force school to let her use boy’s restroom

Called “stupid” for rejecting “female fathers”

Boy becomes Girl Scout

Family brainwashed 12-yr-old

Parents pander to and brainwash 5-yr-old

TV show about a "transgender" 14-yr-old


Girls forced to share a bathroom/locker room with a boy in school

More on the girls forced to share bathroom/locker room

Demands for special consideration causes others to be compromised and harmed

The mother is the father and the father is the mother

HUGE fines for refusing to call a "transgender" by what they claim to be

Man disrobes in girl's looker room at swimming pool

Collection of examples of transgender insanity laws

War against Human Rights

Fired because spoke against "transgenderism"

Mentally deranged can use restrooms of their choice, endangering females

Public schools forced to allow "transgenders" into girls' locker rooms and restrooms

Chicago public schools forced to affirm "transexuals"or be charged with federal offense

Child abuse as children are forced to be opposite sex

Transgenderism erases women

Government forcing public schools to remove privacy of students

It perpetuates the rape culture

The travesty of indoctrinating children and teenagers

Accommodating Lies

Abuse in women's shelters

DOJ says banning men from women's locker rooms is the same as Jim Crow laws

Catholic hospital sued for refusing to remove woman's healthy uterus

Parents indoctrinate small children and abuse them to be "transgender"

Women kicked out of woman's shelter for refusing to room with man

Rampant child abuse by drugging children and young adults

Breast-feeding must be destroyed because it proves gender!

Ruining of lives by medical experimentation

Charged with hate crime to disagree

Foster parents terminated for disagreeing

Large scale child abuse

Destroying our children's minds

Using "science" to promote the agenda

UK Girl Guides allowing males to shower with them and share tents with them

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