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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Problem of Pornography

Porn and Sex Traffic connection

The Truth about pornography and its effects

Porn viewers more likely to rape, sexually assault, sexually harass

Desecration and Titillation

Pornography and Teens

Sex on the Silver Screen

Shows no love, respect, or care for each other

A health crisis

Six reasons why porn is not harmless

How it is affecting the dating culture even in jr high school

The industry is using up young women and destroying them

Never harmless, never private, never safe

It destroys the dance and ritual of marriage

The Porn Paradox

The devastation wrought by porn-addicted boys

The sin of voyeurism
8 sins committed while viewing porn

Updated stats on the use of porn

Myths about wives of porn addicts

The destruction it has wrought in culture

The human costs of the Playboy philosophy

Hugh Hefner's work is no better than ashes

The death of Hugh Hefner

The costs and lies of pornography

Lies it teaches about women's sexuality

Nudity doesn't empower women

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