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Monday, August 10, 2015

Marriage and Family vs Cohabitation and Fatherlessness

The purpose of marriage

Overall heath benefits for teen virgins

Ladies, it matters who you marry

Men, it matters who you marry

Family Research Council

The Marriage Library by Ruth Institute

Marriage Ecosystem by Ruth Institute

Marriage rates drop due to cohabitation rate increase

How Christians changed sexual morals to marriage in a pagan world

Defining marriage

Marriage is real bodily union

Delayed marriage is not good

Marrying when older is loss in many ways

Bring consummation back into sex

Purposes of Marital Intimacy

Marital Intimacy in the Bible - desiring the other
Marital Intimacy — be ravished with her love

Marriage gives lifestyle benefits

Data proves that marriage matters in life and culture

Truths about marriage

Children of intact marriages fare very well.

Women and children are safer in intact marriages

The importance of a stay-at-home mom

Marriage is the cure for poverty

Marriage civilizes men

Why marriage is better than cohabitation

New study by left-leaning group shows marriage better than cohabitation

The most important social justice issue is marriage

Marriage vs cohabitation raises net worth

Family is building block of society

Excuses for cohabitation vs marriage

Downside of cohabitation before marriage

Cohabiting couples skeptical of future, less economically productive

Many outcomes of cohabitation make it very inferior to marriage

Cohabiting couples less and less likely to marry

Cohabitation damages children

Much harm to children

Cohabiting before marriage more likely divorce

Reasons Marriage is falling apart in America

Kicking the tires only works for cars

Cohabitation will ruin relationship

Casual Sex not fulfilling -- especially for women


Divorce is ruining marriage

Divorce rate is NOT 50%

Divorce rate among Christians

Christians less likely to divorce

What No-Fault Divorce has wrought

The rise in U.S. Divorce rates 1980-2010

Actual U.S. Divorce rate and risk

Divorce is high with premarital sex

Single parents

What causes women to become single mothers?

Results of being fatherless

Fatherless boys more prone to delinquency

Negative consequences for children outside of marriage

Parenthood vs Gender

Gender differences important

Gender roles are NOT a social construct

Moms and dads BOTH matter

Gender IS important


Sexual anarchy results

Benefits of delaying sexual relations until marriage

Happiest marriages have no premarital sex

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