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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Women In Combat?!?!?

Men have historically been the front line battle troops.  While many nations in the past have been forced to include women in fighting units for survival, and other countries who are based on an atheistic worldview have put women in combat units because they see no intrinsic difference between the sexes, the majority of civilized nations protect their women — and should especially do so for women in their child-bearing years!   I have to wonder at a culture who would place women in combat at the expense of social engineering.  I believe it is a barbaric mindset, especially when you think about how enemy soldiers treat women to not just torture and death, but also gang rapes!  Who in their right minds would subject a woman to that possibility?!?

And think about the acceptance of women in combat leading to drafting your daughters right out of high school — is that a thing a civilized nation should be doing?

Now this is not to say that some women aren’t capable of doing the job, it just isn’t a job they should be doing if they CAN do it.  Usually, physical requirements are reduced for women so that they can qualify for particular assignments (I saw this first hand in 1974 when women were allowed to take paratroop training but had reduced physical requirements because most couldn’t qualify otherwise) or they reduce the physical requirements for all — including men — so it doesn’t look like they are have higher standards for men!

Think about also the lack of privacy for hygienic duties, changing clothes, living together — all which lead to sexual situations, as well as desensitizing both sexes to modesty and human sexuality in general.  Is this what you want for your daughters?

And what about men who are married and whose wives have to think about them with such intimate living conditions!  Or husbands whose wives have gone to combat living with other men?  Why put such intimate temptations just to satisfy feminists and social engineers?

The following links provide various commentaries and data to support keeping women out of combat.

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