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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Global Climate Change Nonsense

How the Global Warming Scare Began


NO scientific consensus about man-caused global warming
Petition by 31,000+  scientists disputing man-caused global warming.

Peer-reviewed papers skeptical of man-caused global warming.

Journalists becoming skeptical of man-caused global warming

Majority of climate scientists don’t agree with man-caused global warming consensus

Man-made CO2 does not cause climate change

Fake news from the beginning

General commentary about the lack of evidence

Carbon alone isn’t responsible

Believing CO2 controls climate is believing in magic

The science is NOT settled

Greenpeace founder says no evidence of man-caused climate change

Scientists rebut Obama’s claims about  man-caused climate change

The claim that 97% of scientists agree about man-caused climate change - is a MYTH
Another report on the 97% myth

Climate change is actually caused by atmospheric circulation, not by man

Nobel Scientist says Obama is “Dead Wrong” on “Global Warming”

A decade after Katrina and still no global warming

More data about after Katrina and no warming

Arctic ice is INCREASING

Collection of videos from the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation

Sierra Club lacks credibility

Laws will doom billions to live in poverty

Top physicist says climate change scare is nonsense

More proof it is a hoax

Tree ring evidence says Roman and medieval times were warmer

It's all made up

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Climate Change Debate is not over

Tens of thousands of scientists declare "climate change" a hoax

Seven facts you need to know

Obama administration fired top scientist who disagreed

The REAL reason for climate change

The facts are against man-caused change

New study demolishes liberal claims

Studies prove against warming

Climate predictions have all gone awry

The biggest deception in history

It has been proven to be mythology!

Climate change alarmism is "garbage In, garbage out"

Ten climate predictions which went WRONG

The sun is behind climate change

The IMPOSSIBILITY of forecasting climate change

40 New Scientific Papers say Global warming does not exist


Scientists told to fraudulently cover the fact of no upward temperature in 15 years

Temperature data falsified for years to show “warming” - for financial gain

Evidence of climate data tampering by NOAA

NOAA erases 15 years of global warming data

No global warming for 18 years.

Satellite data shows no warming for 19 years.

No warming for 19 years

Warming models are wrong, warming is not happening

Data does not show global warming

No upward temperature change in 15 years

Journal confirms no global warming

More wrong predictions

Predictions are not panning out

Pause in warming could last 20 years

Global warming “proof” is evaporating

Global warming will not be as bad as feared


Global warming forecasts wrong and costing billions of dollars

EPA plans to stop global warming will take 33% of power of grid

United Nations fees for controlling global climate will be astronomical - as well as useless

Climate change policies hurt the poor, and signers of document to protect poor

Protect the poor from climate change policies

One of the biggest scandals of all time

Cooling instead?

Global cooling instead

Polar ice caps at record levels

Antarctic hit 35-year record sea ice on 10/10/15

Extreme weather not caused by global warming

Climate change did NOT cause 2012 US drought

No ice retreat by global warming

Polar caps smashing records for growth

Fossil fuels causing cooling?

Global cooling is happening NOW

Little ice age coming

Global warming expedition stopped by too much ice

Earth is experiencing fastest cooling trend on record

Are Climate Change deniers insane?

Media refuse to cover factual evidence

President Obama promotes propaganda while ignoring the science

Punish those who disagree

Suffer a RICO investigation!

Get fired for not agreeing

Pseudo-Christianity teaming with pseudo-science


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