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Friday, July 17, 2015

Homosexuality Is A Choice

How to counter, "When Did You Choose to be Straight?"

Personal testimony of an ex-lesbian

Reparative therapy  (JONAH lost the lawsuit due to activist judge)

Homosexuals admit orientation can change

Don’t ignore the homosexuals who have changed

Stories of hope and transformation

Planned Parenthood says sexual orientation can change

Choosing sexuality never happens?

Data on changeability “gays” won’t tell you about

“Gays admit they were not born that way

Historians say no one born “gay”

Abuse contributes to homosexuality

Sexual abuse is a road to lesbianism

Most Americans think it’s inborn, but science says it isn’t

Science confirms that homosexuality is not inborn

Royal College Psychiatrists say no one is “born gay.”

No “gay genes” found

Study of genetics says no gay gene

Twin studies prove no gay gene

Fake “gay gene” study

No “gay gene”

Are people born gay? "Gay" teens have high rates of pregnancy and of getting girls pregnant
Another report on the "gay" teen pregnancy rates

Denying "Reparative Therapy" to destroy evidence of changing

Media claims about homosexuality are wrong

Newest research says NOT born that way

ENDA vs homosexuality - sexual orientation is not like race

Why are so many lesbians getting pregnant, and why so many "gay" males impregnating?

More about "homosexual" teens impregnating and getting pregnant

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