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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Slippery Slope of Same-Sex Fake Marriage

Approval of same-sex unions will bring demands for approval of other unions, none of which can be logically denied by supporters of same-sex unions.  But first, they must get rid of "husband" and "wife."

What is the cultural impact?

What about marrying oneself?

Can this woman marry herself?

Why can't this other woman marry herself?

More about marrying self

Another woman marrying herself

The whole idea of self-marriage

What about a lesbian “throuple”?  

They seem to have had a grand wedding.

And another lesbian "throuple"
How about polygamy and incest?

A video showing many, many other "marriages"


Australian judge says it may no longer be taboo

Why can't a father marry his son?

Why can't a father marry his daughter?

What's it like to date your dad?

Sibling marriage a fundamental right?

Why not sibling marriage equality?

Even Cosmopolitan magazine supports it

A "therapist" supports it

Scottish Parliament considering it

Woman wanting child with son

Biblically fighting the incest lobby

Woman and son, and what's wrong?

Normalizing incest

More normalization of incest
Doesn’t the Bible approve of it? (NO)

What affect will it have on society?

Not good for children

Same-sex fake marriage leads to it

The media promotes it

Democrats endorse it

Public acceptance is growing

Toward Plural Marriage

We need to get rid of polyphobia

Lawsuits already in the works

Aren’t homosexuals being inconsistent about polyamorous marriages?

It works, doesn’t it?

What’s wrong with two men with two women?

Many want to legalize their relationships

Interesting that National Polygamy Rights leader denounces Fundamentalist Mormons because of their marrying young women.  Everyone wants to denounce someone else’s sexual desires!

Utah judge declared polygamy ban unconstitutional

U.K. Green Party open to multiple partner marriages

Media promoting polygamy/polyamory

Lawsuit points to SCOTUS same-sex fake marriage decision to support polygamy

Homosexual "married" couple seeks legal three-some

Dating site adds polyamory

Refuting polyamory


“Children are a disenfranchised minority.  They should have the right to express themselves sexually - which means that they may or may not have contact with people older than themselves.”  Larry Constantine, family therapist, Time magazine, 9/7/81
It is a mental disability which should be protected by law

Many are promoting pedophilia

We are on the road to pedophilia

“Gay” laws have set the stage

The “gay” movement is pushing for adult-child sex

Justification has been made

Sexual anarchy promotes pedophilia

Academics say pedophilia is natural for men

Another report about the Academics' claim
More information about the report

It is, after all, just another sexual orientation

Even Canada thinks so

American Psychiatric Association’s DSM says it’s a sexual orientation

Several nations allow 12-year-olds to consent.

Many suggest elimination of age of consent

Italian court said sex between a 60-yr-old man and an 11-yr-old girl was romance.

So, why shouldn’t pedophilia be okay?

Pederasty is common

Ontario’s sex-ed teaches children to give consent

Pedophiles just want equal rights

Dutch Pedophilia activist group given okay by judge

How about unions with animals?
It will be another sexual equality claim

Don’t judge zoophiles

We are heading in that direction

It’s on the rise in Germany

Zoophiles protested against Germany’s ban

Denmark finally banned bestiality - but only because of animal sex tourism

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