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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Bible vs Homosexuality

General arguments
Creation Ministries International

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

The Gospel Coalition

Bad Arguments

Problems with pro-gay theology

Responding to pro-gay theology

How Corinthians would have responded to Paul with pro-gay theology

Debunking gay Christian apologetics, part 1
Debunking gay Christian apologetics, part 2
"Gay" Christians facts

Creational link of spirituality and sexuality

Temple Prostitutes?

Does arsenokoites mean only abusive relationships?
Responding to 5 arguments about arsenokoites

Homosexuality and the Bible, ref Hatmaker claims

Mind Renewer’s series on Romans 1 and Christian errors
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Romans 1 examined
Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

Responding to Matthew Vines
Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry - 1
Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry - 2

The Shellfish Argument
Eternity Matters
Michael Brown
Polyester and Shellfish

Responding to O.T. law vs Christianity Leviticus on Homosexuality

“Paul hated homosexuals”

Response to pro-gay theology

Homosexuality IS a sin

Is Old Testament “unclear”?

Leviticus 18 examined

Procrustean marriage beds.

Should those who practice homosexuality be put to death?

Did Jesus Bless Homosexuality?

What did Jesus say about homosexuality?

Does “eunuch” really mean homosexual?

Were David and Jonathan gay lovers?
Were David and Jonathan gay lovers? - #2

Not that kind of homosexuality?
The Apostle Paul and Homosexuality - Answering Homosexual Objections
Part 1
Part 2

Are gender roles a social construct?

Friday, March 13, 2015


Institute for Creation Research

Answers In Genesis

Starlight and time measurement

Distant Starlight Problem

Is God Deceiving Us (about starlight)?

Beyond Distant Starlight

How should we interpret Genesis?

Why I Believe in 24-hour days

Genesis is literal history

The God Who Is There

Intelligent Design and Irreducible Complexity

Myths about Intelligent Design

Dissent From Darwinism

The chances of Life just happening

Applying probabilities to Evolution

“Expelled Exposed” Exposed

Theistic Evolution inconsistent and incoherent

No death before sin

Parallelism in Hebrew Poetry shows error in OEC hermeneutics

Debating with an Evolutionist on Fossil Dating

What does the Hebrew word “tannin” mean?  Dragons?

Evidence for the Biblical age of the earth

Old Earth Creationism on Trial

Historical Adam vs Peter Enns

Is there a Dominion Mandate?

Ear wax vs Darwin

Critique of Hugh Ross’ Creation Story

Ken Ham vs Bill Nye debate

Answers to Ham/Nye debate

Two contradictory creation narratives?

Evaluating OEC responses to YEC - part 1

Evaluating OEC responses to YEC - part 2

Evaluating OEC responses to YEC - part 3

Evaluating OEC responses to YEC - part 4

Evaluating OEC responses to YEC - part 5

Real history in Gen 2:7 to 3:8

Is Evolution Biblically Acceptable in Genesis 1?

Human Reproduction

Fossil groups studies overturn evolution

Human vs Chimp DNA

Neanderthals: Our Worthy Ancestors

Where did the idea of "millions of years" come from?

(Gap theory also addressed)

Gap and Ruin-Reconstruction Theories

Does astronomy confirm a young universe?

On line creation books

Naturalism can't account for mind, morality, or meaning

Mark 10:6: rebutting liberal interpretation of "At the beginning of creation"

"Hobbits" were real humans

Review of Hugh Ross' "Navigating Genesis"

Tree ring dating methods

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Harmful Results of Homosexual Agenda and Same-Sex Fake Marriage


Purpose is destruction of marriage and persecution of Christians

Christians need to be punished

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

Collateral Moral Decay

What same-sex “marriage” has done to Massachusetts

Fake marriage signals the end of heterosexual rights

Impact in Canada of 10 years of fake marriage

Problems in Canada - home schools and private schools cannot teach against homosexuality

War on reality

Problems in UK

Employment Non-Discrimination Act

How fake marriage affects everyone

Zero Tolerance

Tolerate or be stamped out

Hurt feelings have no Constitutional protection

Article with a listing of people/businesses harmed

Many harmed by hypocrisy

End goal is stamping out dissent

Huge punishing fine for group advertising counseling for homosexuals

The Top Ten Harms of Same-Sex "Marriage"

The American Psychological Association doesn't care about public health or children

Corporate and institutional bullying to promote their agenda

The destruction of free speech by persecution 

Same-sex fake marriage harms everyone

Same-sex fake marriage is driving lab-grown baby industry


Remember when they said it wouldn't affect you?

Mark Regnerus - charged with “scientific misconduct”  - no update.

Jarrett Roby - expelled from college program for refusing to take “sensitivity training”

Jennifer Keeton  -  refused a degree until she changed her mind about homosexuality, ordered to attend “sensitivity training" and attend homosexual events

Boy Scouts tax exempt status revoked in California

Scottish Police Chaplain fired for opposing same-sex fake marriage

UK elementary school teacher disciplined for refusing to read “gay penguin book” to children

UK printer being charged for not printing homosexual magazine

Arlene’s Flowers sued by state and lost for refusing to provide for fake marriage

Phyllis Young, Aloha B&B owner sued and lost for refusing to rent to lesbians in her home

Vermont couple paid $30,000 settlement for refusing lesbian “wedding reception” at family inn

New Mexico; Elane Photography turned down “wedding” and lost over $6600, even though SSM is illegal in NM

Florist in New Brunswick attacked for refusing to provide for fake wedding

Des Moines, IA baker attacked for not providing a “wedding” cake

“Sweet Cakes by Melissa” in Oregon attacked for refusal to provide “wedding” cake

Denver bakers sued for refusing to provide a “wedding” cake

Further update - Court finds AGAINST the baker, violating Baker's rights
Update 12/29/15
More information about the gaystapo tactics and the travesty

Catholic adoption agency closed for refusing to give to same-sex couples

French mayor suffered criminal complaint for refusal to “marry” homosexual couple

Airman objected to fake wedding in chapel

Banned from San Antonio govt if ever said anything against homosexuality

UK homosexuals sued to force churches to host “weddings”

Canadians can’t practice law if against same-sex unions

Chaplain assistant expressed religious objection to homosexuality on FB, punished

Grimes, IA couple sued for not allowing same-sex “marriage” in business

NJ Christian retreat facility forced to provide same-sex civil union

California bathroom bill costs tax exempt status for anti-homosexual youth groups

Air Force Sgt demoted for saying he is opposed to fake marriage

UK store forced to remove sign after 10 years

Sports caster Craig James fired for views against homosexuality

UK B&B forced out of business for refusing homosexual couple a room

Ohio forces funeral directors to recognize fake marriage even though illegal in Ohio

Washington judge punished for refusing to perform fake marriage

UK teacher fired for saying homosexuality a sin

NY couple with family farm sued for refusing fake marriage, fined and ordered to take training

Update 1/14/16

Scottish pastor lost chaplain job for saying homosexuality a “disorder”

Mozilla CEO forced out for donating money to California’s Proposition 8

UK childcare worker fired for explaining biblical position on homosexuality to co-worker

Indianapolis bakery closed after harassment because they refused “wedding” cake

University diversity office fired for being on a petition against same-sex fake marriage

Pasadena Public Health Director suspended for sermon about homosexuality

Newton, IA newspaper editor fired for criticizing “Queen James Bible” on his blog

Benham brothers fired from HGTV for opposing homosexuality and abortion

Utah policeman suspended for refusal to work “pride” parade

Atlanta Fire Chief fired due to writing about homosexuality in his Christian book

Irish cake-baker didn’t want to bake for same-sex union, facing court

Pennsylvania bridal shop owner refused lesbian fitting

Crystal Dixon of the University of Toledo was fired for writing an editorial in a local newspaper

Lawyer punished for defending real marriage in email

Kentucky T-shirt printer forced to print for homosexual parade

City wants to arrest Christian couple for NOT perfuming same-sex “weddings”

North Carolina magistrate fired for refusing to “marry” homosexual couples

United Nations seeks prosecution of therapists helping victims of homosexuality

Army LTC force to retire because he tried to prevent photos of sexual kissing by lesbians

Student at Jesuit Marquette University banned from criticizing same-sex make marriage

California couple lost business for not photographing same-sex fake wedding

Wedding planner who refused for lesbians persecuted

UK judge suspended and re-educated because he thought children deserve mom and dad

Dearborn, MI Ford employee fired for respond to company e-mail about homosexuality - he said it was wrong

NJ teacher suspended for speaking agains “gay” pride parade on FB

Police chief fired for not wanting to lead “pride” parade

Navy Chaplain removed for teaching Christian beliefs in regards to sexuality

Students at George Washington University vilified, threatened, and labeled as hate group for not wanting to participate in "sensitivity" training.

Christian business declines to make video of fake marriage ceremony.

The attacks on the videographer are relentless.

Canadian religious schools forced to allow "gay clubs"

300 examples of "Gaystapo" and "Homofacism" actions

Indiana Pizzeria suffered written and verbal attacks, and threats.

Frank Turek fired for what he wrote in a book

Forever 21 sued by fired "transgender"

UK man punished financially for quoting the Bible

Innocent victim our $80,000 due to boycott

WND article listing numerous examples of harm

WND article reference "gays" vs religious freedom, including cases.

Grimes Iowa wedding chapel business shut down and forced to make payment to settle suit.

Cabbie fined $15,000 for telling lesbians to quit making out in his cab.

Oregon bakers fined $135,000 for not baking a cake

Further update: Oregon officials will take their home
Bakery is closed -- out of business

Pastors facing jail and/or fine for not "marrying" same-sex couples

A blog with examples includes the stories

Baker in the UK punished for not making cake with pro-same-sex fake marriage message

Served the lesbians, but had a sign promoting REAL marriage, and now they are being attacked

Church daycare has to pay lesbians a fine after THEY violated morals clause of their contract

Washington DC pressuring religious schools to have "gay" groups

ACLU wants to force Michigan Christian adoption agencies to place children with homosexuals

Iowa couple is fined and loses business for refusal to hold same-sex fake wedding

Doctor expelled from hospital staff for speaking truth about homosexual behavior

JP Morgan threatens employees who don't go along with SSFM

Family threatened with arrest for not wanting to watch a homosexual movie on airliner

Judicial bias found JONAH guilty of misrepresentation, etc, costing millions of dollars.

Ford employee fired for criticizing Ford's celebration of LGBTQ days.

Bishop facing jail time for "hate speech" of reading the Bible

Chick-Fil-A kicked out of Denver airport and refused back in because of owner's statements PRO marriage

Driver fired for refusing to drive bus advertising "Gay Pride"

Employee fired for making lesbian feel "uncomfortable."

A year in jail for refusing to perform same-sex fake marriage

Bar owner to pay $400,000 to transgenders he refused to continue to ruin his bar

Forced to take indoctrination training

Transgender movement sanctioned, with forcing girls to allow boys in showers, etc.

Catholic school lost lawsuit for refusing to hire man in same-sex fake marriage

Jewish reparative therapy declared fraud because judge says their worldview is wrong, must pay millions of dollars.

Texas Bakery under violent threats for refusing to bake fake wedding cake

Professor suspended for exposing another professor's attack on student speaking against same-sex fake marriage.

Illinois B&B fined $80,000 for refusing to host same-sex fake marriage

State employee fired because of sermons he preached on Sundays

Judge losing job for beliefs, not actions

Artists in Phoenix being forced to provide for same-sex fake weddings

Christian dating sites now force to include homosexuals

Judge being forced out even though performing marriage is voluntary

Homofascists sue Christian activist in Canada for $104 million.

Lawsuit against Catholic school for not allowing same-sex date

Couple objected to their foster children going to "gay" couple, now banned from adoption

Arizona couple facing fines and prison for not printing wedding invitations

B&B Fined $30,000

Farmer punished for not hosting fake weddings at his orchard

The Terror in Australia

Air Force colonel career ruined